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Monday, November 7, 2011

Evening's Entertainment Burgundian Style

So, while in France, what do you do in the country for fun?

You sit in the yard and wait for the cows to come up for their water.

And you drink some wine......

And you talk to the cows.....
 You can talk to people......

Have some fun.....

And moo to the much wine was there?

And wait for the "big picture".

It's Monday, we must be somewhere in the Cote D'Or......

Lunchtime!  In the little town of Volnay, see the plethora of cars?  That's not traffic, it was the first day of the vendage/harvest for that area.  Here Sarah and Lesley are posing with our fun little rental.  We ended up naming her Vin Diesel.  That's our french translation for "the wine car that runs on diesel fuel".  Ha!  It's funny, no?

Yes, it's beautiful.  But the streets are sooooo tiny and narrow.  As the driver, I was freaking out!

Fantastic little restaurant, everything bathed in butter!  Patio, sunshine, great wine, no problem chilling out for a 2 hour lunch.

The sign that "protects" some of the world's most famous vineyards.  I love it!  It's oh so french.
One of the few pictures of me.  Someone said, "Where you even there?  We don't see you."  Voila, here I am, one of the few pictures of me in existence.  Judging from the lack of a tan, it was at the begining of our trip.