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Monday, September 5, 2011

Ouch! Pain! Ouch! Vendage Begins!

Sorry everyone, tried to upload some pictures on this site but Google Blogger and my Pictures don't want to talk to each other tonight.  At least, I am so exhausted that I have no patience in waiting for them to be friends.  Will have to wait.

Harvest went well today, first day! Not many of us though and a lot to get through.  A mixture of university students, old neighbours, and us.   Everyone around us is talking about Les Canadiene's......Les Jeune Canadiene's to be more specific!  My french is getting better, my body doesn't hurt as much as I thought, but thank God I was in pretty good shape.  Was identified as a strong Irish worker today..........does that mean I look fat??

Was asked who was the president of Canada today, and I forgot.......HA!  I did remember that it was Prime Minister at least!

12 more days to go.  All we could manage tonight was 2 glasses of wine.....okay, 3.....premier cru' bargain, bargain prices, and dinner tonight.  Only a two coarse dinner tonight, and we are all tucked up into bed,  Lets see how we feel in the morning.

Thoughts from yesterday's trip to Chablis: we have been travelling around Burgundy stocking up on wine before we started working 13 straight days.  Most people who want wine go to this thing called a store.  We, travel to a region.  Very sureal existance.

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