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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vendage continued

The pain is there butmy body recognizes what I need to do and I thank God I have worked out this year in preparation cause I am doing better than the rest of our party in the pain dept.  I once wanted to be in shape to ride horses in London, I never even thought much about vendage. 

Hills.  We climb them six times a day, at least, cause us stupid Canadians do what is asked of us.  On y va, on y va!  A gauche, a droite!  Muscles, legs, shoulders, arms, blisters, bug bites, nettles, burrs, sunburn, windburn........what else can challenge us today?  It takes a lot of leg power to keep you "propped" on a slope while tackling a vine.  Man, is that sun ever hot!  What?  A two minute rain shower?  How refreshing! 

We have come to LOVE clouds.

Wine for first break, Pastis BEFORE lunch, more wine for lunch, and then beer and more wine for second break.  Pain?  C'est tout fini, je vais bien, Merci!

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