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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vendage Day Three.

Howling wind and rain all night, we thought for sure no work today.  But no, grapes still have to come in.  Turns out, cool and overcast weather is the best to work in as there is none of that dam hot sun.  As long as you have tall rain boots, waterproof jacket, gloves (I finally used mine), and a hood cause it started raining again before we were done today.  We were soaking wet.  NOBODY I know would ever recognized me up on that hill, I can tell you.  No pictures please just take my word for it.

Rataffia before lunch today, but they recognize that I am the driver so they filled me a glass with what I thought was red wine.  Nope, Port!  Homemade!

And then we were done.  The weather has now slowed everything down so no work until Monday.  Probably.  Maybe.  They will call us if they need us earlier so we today we did local historical stuff and are headed to Champagne tomorrow.

Will catch up with pictures in the meantime.

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