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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Riding in Hyde Park, London

 Starting the day with a morning ride in the park, absolutely became my favorite time of the whole vacation. 

Just to freak everyone out a bit, we go from the neighborhood stables, through city traffic, crossing at this intersection, to get into the park.  Street traffic in London has this whole different kind of energy!  Very exciting!

Things calm down as we go along the bridal paths.  I had signed up for a group ride, but everyone seemed to go off on different paths with their guides.  The park is so bloody huge that over the next three days, my guide and I were able to see something different every morning.

People in the park go crazy when they see us coming.  I'm talking paparazzi crazy with the camera's, screaming children, barking dogs.  We know it must be the good looking horses but Tris and I were joking that maybe it was us who are now probably all over somebody's Facebook?  Nah, you're's the good looking horses!

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