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Friday, September 2, 2011

Burgundy, beautiful, beautiful Burgundy

Sorry, sorry everyone!  I am a terrible, delinquant blogger.  Two weeks away and only one post?  And pictures, where are all the pictures????

Well, when you travel with a group and stay in a house that is full of people, your time is not your own.  I am stealing away for a bit in the "backyard" to jot this little note down, and it is so hard to keep my eye's on the screen and not on the ultimate beauty around me.  Absolutely everywhere we turn, drive, walk,'s all so damm pretty.  Gorgeous weather, fantastic wine, and all food must have a large quota of butter.  Lots and lots of butter......

We are just having a bit of a time out this morning as one of our party has caught a nasty cold and has needed to go to le doctor in Vitteaux this morning.  We are hoping she gets to see the doctor who has a shaved head, earring, tatoo's, and is the drummer in his own rock band, but as he might be on vacation she will probably have to see his doctor ex-wife, as they still run the practice together. 

We are told that he has made too many midnight house calls, and she does not like music.  Quel Scandal!!

After traveling around in our car during the day, we usually retire back to the farm around 6pm and immediately open some delicious bottle that we have picked up, get a handful of glasses, and just wander around outside until everyone has had a "swallow" or two.  More bottles magically apear, people materialize, and we gather in the courtyard of the farm to watch the cows come up for a drink of water.  Hard to say who is more entertained, them or us?  By the way they stare at all of us, I am not so sure.  Last night, they came right up but not close enough to pat.

My camera?  Yes, it was upstairs on the third floor so I did not get any shots.  Amazing red sunset last night, but no pictures.  The camera now?  Upstairs.....again, and I am not running up yet to get it.  I've already made the trip 6 times and it's only 11am.  Maybe I have worked off the cheese plate from last night?????

Picture download?  Tomorrow, I promis.  More blog enteries?  Tomorrow, maybe tonight.  They are all in my head, I just have to find a quiet spot to get them out.

All in all, a wonderful time is being had by everyone!

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  1. Wow, it sounds like you are having a great time! I can almost taste it. Keep writing it is like we are there with you. K