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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speaking of the Horses

 This was the famous Rotten Row a few hundred years ago.  It was opened up and lit by William III as his road to Kensington Palace.  Known as the Kings Private Road, or in french, la Route de Roi.  It was the place to see and to be seen.
These are pictures that I've borrowed from Hyde Park Stables website.  I think in the one above is Tris, my guide.  It looks like him.  And they have the best horses.  Sorry, I have no pictures of my own rides.  I had my camera but I was too busy "living in the moment"!  And, on the last day, hanging onto my horse.  He was giving me an active ride, couldn't blame him as it was such a beautiful day!  So, so much fun!
And back through the neighbourhood to the stables again.  Will definitely be back to do this again. 

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